Smokey eye makeup is the kind of makeup women apply to give them, that authentic, sexy and sophisticated look a la Beyonce. Many women hanker for this look but have no idea how to go about it in easy and simple steps. This article will teach you how to go about the Smokey eye makeup application to your satisfaction.

Colour selection

The first step towards achieving that Smokey appearance is to select the ideal colours which go with your skin tone. In most cases, you will need to choose from 3 distinct colours i.e. Neutral, dark and light. There are also some well known options for colours such as brown, gray, plum and purple. You will therefore be spoilt for choice as even greens and blues will join the fray for those distinctively sexy eyes depending on the colour of the eyes.

The application

The next step is now the application of the makeup whereby you should start with primer. The main purpose of starting with this one is because the shadow needs to be held in place. Black liner should be used on the upper and lower eyelashes. Again, the size of the eyes will determine if you will do the liners from end to end or you will simply do it halfway. For instance, if you have small eyes, then these liners should only be done halfway, starting from the outer edge and stopping at the center.

Neutral base

This one should only be applied to cover the entire eyelid while the deeper or darker shadow left for the lower lid. Generally speaking, you should be able to match the lower lid and upper lid with deepest of the shadows that you have to apply.

If at all you are going to use any other colour, say a third one, then these should precede the darker one for effect.Color blending is allowed so long as it helps you to achieve that sultry feel.

No hard liners allowed

Smudging is a common problem among people who are starting out on Smokey eye makeup and are yet to have a firm grip on application part. If this is done right, no smudging should occur, so try to use a cotton swab to help you have an elegant finish.

Curling the eyelashes

Though this is optional, it is actually a good idea to finish your application of the makeup. An eye lash curler is one tool that you will find indispensable in this aspect. What is worth remembering, however, is that this should be done before application of mascara. Either way, mascara should be applied in successive coats with black mascara being the choice mascara, though it is fine if you want to put on that dramatic appearance with purple hints.

Point to note

With Smokey eye makeup, the main center of attention is the eyes, so you should ensure that the application helps you to frame your eyes appropriately in the face. Lest you forget, remember to powder your eyebrows with hints that go with the skin tone at the brow area.