We all have different types of eyes: fro hazel to blue, black, gray to brown eyes. It is the latter that we are interested in. The question that lingers in most women’s mind is: how do you do Smokey eyes for brown eyes perfectly? Granted, this is not as complex a process as one would be made to believe. By following these simple steps, you will have the stunning look you deserve.

Face prepping

Before you get started on Smokey eyes for brown eyes, the face has to be prepped. By this we mean, washing the face thoroughly before drying it. Washing the face involved scrapping off the previous make up, oil and dirt   first before moisturizing it.

Cream shadow application

After cleaning the face, you are now good to go and should therefore embark on the cream shadow application. The area of application is the top lashes all the way to where the creases in the eye are located.

The reason why the cream shadow is done first is so as to create a base or foundation over which any other make up can be applied. It is particularly important in the sense that when you powder the face, you will need to have it in place for longer.

Covering the cream

Once you have applied the cream powder, you will need to cover it with a powder, preferably of the same colour.Usually,blue-gray,dark or dark gray are the choice colours of the powder which by the way should be applied using eye shadow brush. If you don’t have this brush, the index finger will still do.


This is the next important step in Smokey eyes for brown eyes. The purpose of this is to ensure that the colours so applied are blended well so that they match with the eye shadow. A blending brush is usually used and emphasis should be made on those that have fine bristles. Remember that at the end of the day, you would want to have a smooth, airbrushed appearance of the eye shadow.

Brow bone

If there is one part of the face that should be highlighted to go with the Smokey eyes for brown eyes, it must be the brow bone. A nude to gold colour should be applied at the brow bone slightly below the arch of the eye. If you want the eyes to appear bright, simply shimmer the inside of the yes with the same colours.


As you progress, apply dark, black or blue eyeliner on both the upper and lower lash lines for effect. The outer parts should be done the same thing too.


After all is done, you are now through with Smokey eyes for brown eyes but mascara application should be done well. The upper lashes look good in gray mascara, though black will still do just as fine. One coat is never enough, so you can apply up to 3 coats of the selected shadows. For ladies who fancy that dramatic look, you can always play around with mascara on the lower lash and especially half of the outer part.