Just like with hazel, dark, blue or brown, it is possible to learn how to do a Smokey eye for blue eyes.Granted, this is one of the sexiest moves that you can ever pull. However, tips will always be there to help you enhance your looks, if you do not get it right the first time. If you are intent on starting out, here are the things that you need.

The materials

Before you hack it on how to do a Smokey eye for blue eyes, make sure that you have at your disposal the palate for the eye shadow, light eye shadow, a lighter one,mascara,eye liner, primer(optional),time and patience. Well, that’s a mouthful, but you will agree with us that such materials are a prerequisite for that stunning, sexy and sophisticated look, right?

The prepping part

Even before you start working on the eye shadow, the face has to be prepped. By this we mean that ay dirt, oil or previous make up have to be removed .Once your face is spruced clean, you can now go for the colours that you need for your eye shadow.

Blue eyes

Blue eyes are exceptional in their appearance, so deserve a more careful selection of colour. Brown is more preferable to black as the former is considered less overpowering to your Smokey eye shadow. This is particularly so for light skinned people and have blue eyes. A dark colour will make your Smokey eye shadow less noticeable, making nonsense of your patience and determination to stand out with your Smokey blue eyes.

What tools do you need?

Tools are needed n nearly every undertaking. The same could be said on how to do a Smokey eye for blue eyes. Powders that are loose base are the natural choice for that sexy, Smokey eye appearance. There is no denying that they will help you to blend your colours perfectly well.

The dome-shaped brush is the choice brush for Smokey eye shadow. This kind of brush comes rounded at the tip so that you can reach the furthest corners of the eyes. This is an important attribute as it ensures that you are able to apply the eye shadow without messing things up.

Are you intent on having your make up stick for longer? Well, everybody does, except that you will need to have a primer to help you achieve this.

The face

All said and done, the face is an important aspect of your eye shadow make up for your blue eyes. Simply keep your face as natural as possible. It is the only way to have your Smokey shadow stand out.

The smoky process begins

Having set things ready, set off things by applying the lightest shade amongst the eyeshades that you already have. Proceed to the medium colours before concluding with the darker shadows. At this point, it is important to emphasize that you need to use the dome-shaped brush to set things straight.

Blending is yet another important aspect on how to do a Smokey eye for blue eyes. A clean brush is essential here as you do not want to smudge your shadow with other colours.