That irresistible look. Subtle. Sexy. Elegant. Adjectives simply fail to describe the kind of look that you could possibly have if you got it right on Smokey eye shadow. Hacking it on the Smokey eyes stuff is not rocket science and as long as you are interested in learning, you will be surprised to see how easy it is by just by learning the basics.

Application of the base colour

When doing the application part, ensure that   you have a brush or a sponge. The eyeshadow should be applied where the eyelid is as well as the crease the eye socket. This eye shadow should be applied in a slight bend towards your eyebrow.

Medium/mid colour application

Next on the base colour application is the mid colour which should be applied along the lid’s base slightly above the eyelid, heading into the socket of the eye whilst the outer eye corner should be looped for effect.

Dark colour application

When it comes to Smokey eyeshadow, the idea is to enhance the appearance of the eyes by selecting the darkest colours from the palette and using an angled brush to do the application. The outer corner of the eye as well as the lash area towards the edge is the main areas where this dark hue should be applied.


For Smokey eyeshadow, you should be able to blend colours depending on the number of colours that you have used. The idea behind all this is to make sure that their edges are not visible when one looks at you. Blending helps to even out the lines created between each of the colours that you have selected and applied.

The eyeliner application

As you come to the close of your application, does the eyeliner application to both the top lash line as well as the bottom part of the eye?


Finish things up by applying mascara in different but distinct shades, ensuring that you give them a smooth, classic, yet subtle look.

Diagrams for reference

If you are uncertain on how the individual colour schemes should work out, you will find that there are online resources illustrating clearly to you how the final outcome should look like.

That smudges appearance

You may choose to have that unfinished Smokey eye shadow look by drawing lines on the upper eyelid, crossing over to the brow bone. This kind of smudge appearance will give you that sophisticated look.

The type of the eyes plays an important role in defining the Smokey eye shadow. For instance, if you have eyes that are deeply set, the inner corner of the eyes should be made lighter.

Drooping eyes will do just fine with oval shapes made on the lid as well as the inner parts of the eyes. Close set eyes demand most of the eyelid being applied with the eye shadow and a light touch of colour touching the inner parts of the eye for effect.

Lastly, the wide set type of eyes requires a highlighting shade at the center of the top lid.