Many women desire to look like the actresses and other famous personalities but think that they cannot pull such bold moves without turning messy. This fear is what holds them back. This however need not be the case so long as you know how to how to do Smokey eyes. If you are still green inn this area, this article will teach you how to do Smokey eyes perfectly well.


The Concealer is an important starting point as you will need a canvas on which any subsequent application will be based on. Without the concealer, your makeup may fail to hold in place.

Preventing eye shadow Creasing

It is very easy to crease on the eye shadow even before you get started on the Smokey eyes part. A powder should be applied on the entire eyelid. You should not just dab, sweeping is the word.

Using the eye pencil

The black eye pencil becomes useful for tracing the lash line from the top and beginning from the inner side of the eye, heading to the outside. The process should be repeated for the lower eyelash as well.

Elegant mess

You can look gorgeous even when messy by smudging the liner. A blending brush or your fingers will suffice to do the trick.

How about that charcoal look?

The classic look of charcoal hue is fun and easy to achieve so long as you know how to play around with the colures. As always, the lightest shadows should be the one to sweep across the eyelid for that dramatic moment.

Applying the medium shades

This should be done from the center of the eyelid as opposed to one end to the other. Blending could be achieved by applying the shadow in an up and down stroke so that in case there are any creases, they will be subdued.

Using darker shades

When it comes to darker shadows, the idea is to apply one intensely visible from the corners of the eyes. Nothing could possibly be more subtle, sophisticated and sexy as that cat look you get after you have mastered how to do Smokey eyes.

Contrast creation

After you are done with the darker shades, it is imperative that you create contrast. This is achieved by using lighter hues on the brow bone to create that lasting contrast between the darker eye shadow and the lighter shadow.

Balancing the colours

The only way to balance out things is to ensure that at this juncture, a darker hue is applied in one clean sweep below the eye next to the lash line of the lower lid.


Progressively, a blending should be done using the blending brush. If there are hard lines visible from the face, they should be buffed towards the outer corner of the eye.


As you near completion of the process, you will need to intensify the darker shadow on the eyelashes into a smouldering, jet black hue.

With those simple, easy to follow steps, you will have learned how to do Smokey eyes like a pro.