When it comes to steps on how to do Smokey eye makeup, it is important to do it easily and expertly. In this article, we are going to explore the various ways on how to do Smokey eye makeup.

The colour choice

Choosing colours for your eye shadow is determined to a large extent by the colures of your eyes. For instance, there are those with blue eyes, hazel, green or brown eyes. You cannot use the same colour of the eye shadow for all these kinds of eye colours. If for instance you have hazel eyes, you will make do with shadows of brown and beige. You will then finish it off with a black liner.

Gray and white shadows are best suited for blue eyes due to the element of complementarily. Beige and navy on the hand will go well with brown eyes. The eye shadow can be either being brown still or black. Lastly, green eyes will match very well with gold or green shadows, capping it with brown eyeliner.

Light and dark shadows

Both of these two are important, so should be blended. For effect, apply the lighter tone towards the darker shadow. This is usually done on the eyelids where applicable.

Using the eye pencil

The purpose of the eye pencil on how to do Smokey eye makeup is to ensure that you the inside of the lower lid are lined perfectly for that eye popping effect. Smudging the shadow is allowed but you should ensure to use appealing colours such as metallic ones.

The kohl application

The top parts of the eyelids need to be lined properly using a black pencil. There is a special kind of pencil that is usually used for this kind of work and is known as the kohl. This pencil plays an important part in accentuating that smoky look.


In most cases, the application of mascara comes at the last as you do not want to smudge the shadow with mascara. The choice of mascara could be in more than one coat depending on what is at your disposal. You should ensure that you use colour that complement your eye shadow as well as that of the eyes.

Having learnt the basics on eyeshadows, the idea next is on how to maintain that look for longer.

The first thing you need to learn is that usage of brushes equally contributes to getting that classic finish. Don’t smudge your painstaking work by using the same eye shadow brush for blending. Instead, get a clean brush for this separate work.

Adding the intensity

It is very easy to add the intensity of the eye shadow. All you need to do is to create the impression of a wing on your smoky eyes. This winged look tends to create depth and therefore enhances your look.

Black is not everything

Since dark colours contrast well with brown skin tones, it does not mean that you can’t explore others colours when it comes to how to do Smokey eye makeup.